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Start-Up as a Service

Platform for inspired entrepreneurs, passionate developers & diligent marketers to incubate and accelerate their start-up idea; network with people and elevate their start-up to the next level. We are proud to introduce such an initiative in Madurai which elevates the start-up ecosystem to build our Temple City into a growing start-up hub.

Hybrid Hackathons

The Makers Madurai—sometimes referred to as a hackerspace—is often associated with fields such as creator, content, designer, marketers, developers, customer management, team management, engineering Hackathon is not only solving problem, it must have communication, team work. We are organizing hybrid hackathon at makers madurai

Events Points

Every event has to be done is physical location, it’s a right point to organize an event. Makerspaces are zones of self-directed learning (DIY ). Their hands-on character, coupled with the tools and raw materials that support invention, provide the ultimate workshop for the tinkerer and the perfect educational space for individuals who learn best by doing.

Mentorship Program

very one born as some of qualified, we collaborate the culture with various sense of people in makers Madurai. Idea should not be in ideating, we would help to do the prototype and create curiosity in development.

To-Do Together

Diverse skillsets revolving around design, development, and management; acute and integrated as a weapon to be deployed for productivity to reach their visions faster.


WiFi connectivity; 24x7 equipped workspace; Stimulants to keep you charged- COFFEE; Lounges & Beams to help you unwind Confab Conference rooms; Indoor/ Outdoor working spaces; Stationery's studio.

About Us

  • Who we are?

       A Makers Madurai is a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build. Makers Madurai provide tools and space in a community environment—a library, community centre, private organization, or campus. Expert advisors may be available some of the time, but often novices get help from other users. In the midst of the sanctity, Makers Madurai brings up a platform where people with mutual interests predominantly in computers, technology science or machining can connect & collaborate.

  •     To all the ideators, innovators, entrepreneurs out there, Madurai city has much more to contribute now with the fact that the city has gifted every individual with sanctitude and virtue. Rooting it's power from the culture, discipline & spirituality, the city is comprised of diligent and steadfast talents, Makers Madurai steps forward to assist individuals & teams furnish their flairs.

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